Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday's Favourite Things

I've wanted to blog and I have tons to write but it been hard to put the thoughts together. I haven't had a bad week. It's been fantastic really. Life is good but in the midst of it I forgot how good things are. My head got flooded and overwhelmed with thoughts -nothing horrible, well some horrible like Joseph Kony and people I care about are hurting. It was enough that it's rattled me and set me on edge till ...I simple remembered my favourite things and then I didn't feel so bad:

Homemade chocolate chip cookies -doesn't need an explaination.

Painting -the GEMS (girls) and Cadet (boys) are racing kub cars later this month. Tonight was the girls night to make their cars. I was going to make an ice cream cone car...but another girl came with the same idea. It took me awhile to decided on a new idea but when it happened I went all out. It was so much fun! I was reminded that painting relaxes me and helps me think. And I think my car looks great.

Lost Items Found -my favourite hoodie (a black NaNoWriMo hoodie my dad gave me for Christmas a few years ago) went missing in November during Encounter (youth weekend at BBC). It was sad; I was crushed. Tonight, the hoodie was found. It ended up stuffed in the bottom of the sleeping bag I borrowed which was used tonight at the GEM's sleepover -AWESOME!

These are a few of my favourite things!

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Nuchtchas said...

Yay the hoodie was found!!! I'm so happy. And painting is great fun and it does calm you, I've seen it