Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Survivor: One World Week 3

My predictions for last week were completely wrong.

The all-girls Salani tribe manged to come together winning the rewardand immunity challenges. I hadn't expected that (the previews were misleading).

Thoughts on "One World is Out the Window":
  • The Salani reward victory was impressive. It was an amazing landslide. It was a memory challenge where one member from each tribe had to put objects in a specific order. The woman one every round and earned themselves an amazing fishing kit including a boat.
  • The previews made it seem like there was going to be more tension between the two tribes. There really wasn't.
  • Troyzan had the best quote of the night, "It wouldn’t be Survivor unless there’s lying."
  • I still don't get the Tarzan theme this season. One player is going by Tarzan the other is strange.
  • The girls might be doing better but they still have issues. The biggest is how the interact with Manono. They expect help but aren't willing to return the favors (like agreeing the could use the boat in exchange for fire). It seems like a poor social game to me.
  • What was Colton thinking?!? Why did he announce that he has an hidden immunity idol at council? Even if you trust your alliance Isn't that painting a huge target on his back after saying that he would rather be with the women. but I can't see him winning.
  • Matt was the first blind-side of the season!
  • I thought it was smart that someone asked if they could know the other votes...Jeff said no. I wonder why.
  • Michael is in trouble. He is out of the loop. He didn't vote for Matt with everyone else. He'll be scrambling to hide friends tonight.
Predictions for February 29:
I think Manono will be out to prove themselves this week and will win the immunity back.

If the girls head to tribal council the "young" five girl alliance will hold strong and of the outsiders I still think Christina has the greatest chance of going home.

If I'm wrong and the guys head to tribal council I think Michael will be going home even though the previews implied that Colton "wants Bill gone".

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