Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday -Patrick

I am thankful for...
Patrick Murphy

The other day Patrick and I were having tea (he might have been drinking coffee) when a troubled look crossed his face and he asked "how are we even friends?" It's a good question. Some friendships are unlikely Disney's Fox and the Hound, a cat and a mouse, Patrick and me. The fact that we became friends with so many core differences is kinda strange but in a good way.

We met just a little over a year ago. Our first encounter he got into a ridiculous argument with my friend and while he wasn't serious ticked her off enough that my night was spent calming her down (not an easy task). I was not impressed, but as the argument continued I had to admit he was funny. More than that I began to see that he was playing devil's advocate and pushing buttons on purpose. Few weeks later we got into a decent discussion about the trinity that morphed into an ongoing email discussion for a month. Next we began reading a Christian book and discussing a chapter each week. We started hanging out more till one day I realized he's one of my closest friends.

Once you look past our major differences (I'm a pastor and he's an atheist) we have a lot in common which makes hanging out awesome; we can talk about books, movies, games or we can discuss things we disagree on. I taught his euchre so the Van Meekeren's and finally had enough to play! He's patiently helped me with my chess game. He's introduced me to some great authors. Listened to my sermons to help me critique myself, watches Doctor Who and Firefly and been a good friend. Patrick is smart, fun, supportive, knowledgeable, kind, and puts up with me. I'd say he was a great man, well a good man...well, he's okay. He would never smoother an old woman *big grin.* I love our friendship. Yes, I am very thankful for Patrick.

This was suppose to be last week's thankful Thursday in replace of a Birthday card so...HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY!

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Melinder said...

Yeah! Me too! I'm thankful for Patrick Murphy too! He is dope, also the bomb.