Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Survivor: One World Week 5

Another great episode last week. The "twist" that might ruin Colton was a switching up of tribes. There is a new Manono tribe and a new Salani tribe both with seven members essentially re-setting the game. I think this is one of the best seasons of Survivor in a long time.

Thoughts on "A Bunch of Idiots":
  • I like the mixing of teams and while it was random it was great to see Colton on the weaker team.
  • I thought the producer/game makers made a great choice in having the "one world" site be a reward challenge and fair to give the losers some supplies to start their new camp.
  • Colton should not be trusted!
  • The blindside to get out the strongest player Monica on Manono was well done but dumb.
  • In an interview Jeff Probst hinted that this week's episode "history repeats itself" I hope that means that Colton's tribe goes down in numbers all the way to the merge till there is only one that no one trusts.
Predictions for March 21:
Salani is the stronger tribe. I will not be surprised if they win both challenges tonight.

If I'm right the weaker Manono tribe will be heading to tribal council, even with the new tribe is Christina still on the outside of the group and has the greatest chance of going home.

If I'm wrong and Salani goes to tribal council I think it would be Kat going home.

All these predictions could be for nothing, the previews hint that someone is being sent home for medical reasons. Interweb rumors suggest it might even be Colton.

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