Thursday, March 29, 2012

Missing and Choices

It's been one of those days...for a lot of days now.

I miss writing. I've had ideas and posts in my head but they have never made it to written form. The schedule and my own head have hindered actual writing. I haven't even been able to put words to Thankful Thursdays (I had people in mind) or write a Survivor post (I know most of you find them lame and don't read the Survivor posts, because you've told me you don't, but I like them).

I promise to post something tomorrow and hopefully it will be something decent but regardless I will write and share...choosing to get back into a habit takes actual action. I think I might sign up for another month of "post every day" for April. I also must decided if April is going to be another veggie month. I want to eat bacon on my Birthday. Maybe May could be veggie month.

For those who don't know what "veggie month" is it is a 30 day challenge to be a vegetarian. A few years ago my dear vegan friend asked me to give no meat a try for 30 days. Last year I was trying to think of a great gift to give her for her birthday and decided she would appreciate another month of no meat. I was planning to give her the same gift this year...but I want ham dinner for Easter and bacon on my birthday. And those reasons make me feel a little selfish for giving up on "veggie month". What are your thoughts on the challenge and my choice to participate?

a) I'm crazy for giving up meat in the first place!
b) April should be veggie month (since it's vegan friend's birthday month). No meat for 30 days!
c) April could be veggie month but allow yourself a few exceptions (like Easter and birthday)
d) Make May veggie month this year
e) This is your choice why are you asking us?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.


Anne said...

Your 30 day challenge on how to become a vegetarian would really be awesome!

Nuchtchas said...

D or start veggie month on her birthday, hopefully after yours and after Easter?

Elizabeth said...

I like the idea Nutty, I can for go bacon on my birthday (I did last year). Her birthday is after Easter but before mine.