Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Thousand Thankfuls -The New Thankful Thursday

I love writing these weekly Thankful Thursday posts. It is been good for me. Each week am give myself a chance to reflect on the week through the intentional lens of gratitude. This weekly habit has saved from more than a few dark spots.When I first started five years ago I had no real format, sometimes I wrote a paragraph, sometimes it was just a list, and sometimes I just skipped it.

Over the years the weekly challenge has evolved and transformed to keep it from becoming a chore or boring. It's how I came to writing about the people I am thankful for and why last year. I am no where near finished the list I had planned on continuing this year. But I was inspired and am going to try something new. I recently read about someone making a list of a thousand things they were thankful for and I thought "I want to do that." So I'm going to this year. It is going to be about 20 things a week.

Only I'm going to start this week with 31 because in my attempt to find who had inspired this 1000-thankfuls idea (which I didn't discover) I found this challenge to make a list of things you are thankful for equal to the exact number of years you have been alive.

1. Functioning lungs and the ability to breath. I like breathing
2. Really having a fully mobile and fairly healthy body is great
3. My Mummy
4. My Dad
5. My sister
6. All of my extended family
7. Jesus in my life
8. Prayer
9. My church family
10. The girls
11. Best Friend
12. Favourite Atheist
13. Favourite Heretic
14. My church family
15. My life group
16. Volunteers
17. Each sunrise I witness
18. Good books
19. Good hugs
20. Smoked BBQ ribs
21. Friends who BBQ said ribs and shares them with me
22. The Saturday farmers market
23. Games nights with good friends
24. My kitty Kima
25. My kitty Inu
26. Sleeping on freshly washed bed sheets
27. When I discover real mail (not fliers or bills) in my mailbox
28. Earl grey tea
29. Bright sunshiny days
30. Best Word (my writing group)
31. Blog comments

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Sharon Stocking said...

Good start to a long inspires me to at least reflect on those people and things I'm thankful for I'm sure it would serve me well too.

God Bless
Aunt Sharon