Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Veggie Month and Food Rules

Today mark's the start of another month long adventure in being a vegetarian. My reason for altering my eating habits is it makes the perfect gift for my very dear vegan friend. This is going to be my third time taking on a month long veggie-challenge.The first time was a few years ago, my friend asked me to join her in a 30-day Vegetarian challenge. At the end of the month she was a vegan and I thought "never again." Then last year I couldn't think what to get my friend and decided this was the best possible gift. The experience was better, I was more prepared. And so when I asked the question "what do I get her for her birthday?" another veggie month seemed like a good idea.

I've thought about why I'm doing this and what I want to get out of the challenge and based on those reason have come up with some personal food rules for the month and educational goals:

1) Luke 10:8b -a few years ago I was part of a study going through the book of Luke. One of the verses that stuck out to me was Luke 10:8b "...eat what ever is set before you." The background is Jesus is sending out the 72 to teach and share that the Kingdom of God is near. The group decided this was a perfect verse for missionaries who encounter new and "different" foods. This verse also fits for my challenge.

Over the next 31 days I am choosing to shop, cook and eat like a vegetarian but I will also be visiting friends and church families. I am not going to ask them to cater to me especially since this is a short term experiment.

2) No Vegan Powers* -for me the challenge is a gift and an interesting experience. I will be eating like a vegetarian for the month but I am allowing myself eggs and dairy and meat if I am at someones house. I don't want Vegan Police* to show up at meal times because accidentally had half & half or I forgot that Chicken Parmesan wasn't vegan*.

3) When Possible Eat Local -I feel like a horrible person saying this but the political and even environmental reasons for becoming a vegetarian have never motivated me to change my eating habits. While I become emotional at the stories of mass feeds lots they have never had any long term effect on my personal love of bacon, steak, fried chicken, or bacon (sorry Jess).

However, over the last few years the topic of what I eat and why I eat what I eat has become a growing interest of mine. As I discover the economic, social, environmental, and health benefits of eating locally grown food I am more interested in becoming a localvore than a vegetarian. I'm not really there yet. I still like my bananas and avocados and chocolate. This month not only will I be buying no meat I want to activity seek out local food options. Thankfully, I am very fortunate to live in a great area with wonderful farmers markets available, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

4) Educate Myself -May is a great month for me to continue to think about food issues and my growing questions. I finished In Defense of Food last month and I picked back up Plant, Animal, Miracle last night. I'd also like to start The Omnivore's Dilemma. I was going to make this rule "read" but I'm going to try and sit through the Food Inc. documentary. I want to be able to sum my what the important issues are for me and have some type of reasonable, article opinion on those issues. A month won't be the end of the questioning but it is a good time to think about the topic.

And that is the start and rules for my veggie month. It should be interesting.

Happy Birthday to my dear and Favourite Vegan!

*Scott Pilgrim vs. The World reference

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Bacon is awesome. also, so is scott pilgrim. nice references muahaha.