Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. It has been a difficult few days.

After Kima's overnight at the hospital the fluids helped. She seemed to have perked up but was showing signs that it was a neurological issue. There was a treatment that I could afford that might help. Or it was more serious and there would be nothing we could do. I was hopeful,

However she took a turn for the worse in the afternoon. The vet called and said Kima probably would not make it thought the night and we would need to talk about saying goodbye. A little later, as I was leaving for the animal hospital, the vet called again saying that Kima had died.
I was glad to have my mom visiting because I was in no state to drive. It is amazing how attached I've become (all you pet-people aren't amazed at all). Seeing her little body in the room was the hardest moment, but just when I think I've finished crying I see something, like her water bowl, and the floods begin again.
 She was just a cat, but she was my cat.

I have so many memories of her silly antics. She use to run to the door and wait for me when she heard the car, till she decided sitting in the middle of the drive way was a better plan (it wasn't). She would give me little head bumps, I always took them to mean "I love you" She would meow in her sleep and rock till she fell off the back of the couch. I believe she was dreaming of catching mice. She greeted me in the morning, and cuddled up to watch movies with me at night. And minus me being extremely allergic to her hair (which she had plenty of) she was a wonderful little roommate and companion. 

 She will be missed*

*My missing does not mean I want or need a new kitten (I almost went to the SPCA last night. Grief is not a good lens for making decisions). However much I will miss Kima, I will not miss changing the litter box, the amount of hair she shed, being scratched, and the negative affect she had on my allergies.

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