Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Simple Woman Daybook 143 -With Mom

FOR TODAY: September 14, 2014
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Mom's comments are in blue, and mine are in green.

Outside my window...damp and cloudy. Right outside my window is a big white tent.

I am blouse as a tear down the middle of my shirt and I am sad. and I am thinking about unity between church's and "networking".

I am thankful for...Elizabeth, Charly, Lee-Ann, and all my family, and I am thankful for my Mom, Dad, and sister too! I am also thankful for all the friends who have made this week better. 

In the kitchen...we're having pork chops tonight with roasted veggies.

I am wearing...sandals, black pants, a pretty top with a snag in it, and a black sweater. I am wearing flip flops, dressy jeans, a plaid blouse, grey sweater, and a maroon scarf that matches the plaids colours. 

I am creating...awesome TARDIS blue kitchen chairs and I am working on Christmas and other cards to sell.

I am going...back to Elizabeth's house when ever she is done, well actually we're going to go to another BBQ, followed by a stop at home and then our 3rd BBQ of the day. And hopefully a nap sometime.

I am wondering...when the people we are waiting on will arrive and I am pondering a conversation FA and I had about the term Christian-Atheist.

I am reading... ChristianAtheist, My Utmost for His Highest, and the Bible and Incontinent on the Continent, Forgotten God, My One Word, and Luke (Bible).

I am sleep in tomorrow and I WILL sleep in tomorrow!

I am looking forward to...painting the chairs and I can't wait to sleep...wait no, um...we have company coming for dinner. 

I am wait upon the Lord and I am learning that life doesn't get easier but it does get better...also when you trust God even the unexpected hiccups are only setbacks.

I am hearing...Elizabeth type...Mom turning pages of a book.

Around the, sorting, and eliminating -there is definitely less stuff.

One of my favorite things...HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES it was my favouritest thing. I have to agree it was amazing.

A few plans for the rest of the week:...sleeping in, dealing with the bent tire rim, organizing Elizabeth's home office/craft area tomorrow, work Tuesday I do not know, company dinner Wednesday, youth group Thursday, GEMS Friday and I am sure more sorting, cleaning, and eliminating through out the week. I also want to make cards, read, and have a few more walks with Mom.
A Picture To Share:...from our adventure yesterday:

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