Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Simple Woman Daybook 144

FOR TODAY: September 28, 2014
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Outside my window... actually I'm out on the deck for the night working on my birthday challenge of sleeping under the stars.

I am thinking about...God.

I am thankful for... my Mom, it's her last night here.

In the kitchen... been a wonderful, healthy three weeks while mom has been here. Planning on keeping up with the trend.

I am wearing...pj pants and a sweater

I am creating... butterfly and Christmas cards. Two separate themes, not Christmas cards with butterflies, though that is an idea....

I am going... to take mom to the airport tomorrow.

I am wondering... about the week to come and how I will adjust to life without a roommate.

I am reading... Forgotten God

I am hoping... to watch Doctor Who this week. For a fan, I am a few episodes behind because mom thought "Listen" looked scary.

I am looking forward to...Encounter

I am learning... new habits

I am hearing...crickets

Around the house... there is nothing too major upstairs. I think it might be time to start making my office craft room functional.

One of my favorite things... hot chocolate

A few plans for the rest of the week:... is a little too busy. Tomorrow mom will spend most of our last hours together running errands, then to the airport, and I have an evening meeting. Tuesday there are games and Doctor Who planned. Wednesday is my life group night, Thursday is youth group, Friday I'm taking a group of teens to Encounter. It looks like it will be a bit crazy but I am also excited for all the things.

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Aunt Sharon said...

Great photo Liz & Deb