Monday, September 08, 2014


Kima, my sweet kitty, is not doing well. I took her to the animal hospital this afternoon for an emergency visit. She has not been eating or drinking much all week till she just stopped all together.

There are options and tests that could be done.... but they are expensive and would lead to more options and tests that sound like they would only prolong an already terminal situation. So at the moment she is staying the night at the hospital. I agreed to have an iv for her to feed and rehydrate her.

Tomorrow we'll see how she is doing. There could be an improvement but the vet did not seem hopeful. Since I can't justify or afford the fore mentioned tests the only option might be saying good-bye.

I feel weird asking this, she is just a cat, and I don't know where this request fits in theology, but pray for my cat please. That she have a turn around tonight and it is not as serious as the vet thought.

Is that too silly of a request? I am not trying to be frivolous. I know there are so many other things that matter more than my sick cat being healed. She is just a cat. But she is also my cat, she has been my companion for seven years. She has comforted me through tears, watched movies with me, brought me laughter at her antics. I recently noticed that she meows in her sleep. And she always has cuddles and playful kisses for me.

I am really having a hard time processing that tomorrow will probably be her last day. Maybe the prayers should be for me and that I make a wise decision and that God is my comfort. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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