Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An Ode To Pumpkin Pie and The Garden

For those not aware, I am in a writing group. We meet twice a month. Most of the time I go for the people, the past few months I haven't wanted to write. September's theme was "Fall. I decided I needed to write and even if it started out silly...I wrote two poems (which was completely outside my comfort zone) They were a bit tongue and cheek. I had planned to post them that night but misplaced the work till this week. Seems fitting with Canadian Thanksgiving just ending.

An Ode To Pumpkin Pie*

At the great harvest of autumn,
What I desire so much I could die,
Is the orange filling of pumpkin pie,
With a flaky crust on bottom.
Oh that mix of sugar and spice!
I can never have just one slice.
Each and every bit is so yummy,
'Cause it's made with love by my dear mummy.
A pie so good it makes me sing;
Oh! How I love you at Thanksgiving!

The Garden**

Empty ground
It's harvest time!

*For those who care or even are annoyed with the ode's structure. I apologize it is not in perfect iambic head just doesn't do that. Second, I know I did not follow the English rhyming pattern. I used a classic pattern of ABBACCDDEE.

**This is a performance piece and much better heard line. Also I would like to dedicated "The Garden" to Dave of Best Word fame. His Plum Poetry story was the inspiration.


AuroraLee said...

I can't read it without performing it in my head. lol

Elizabeth said...

I giggled out loud...

...that makes me happy to know!

Anonymous said...

It's making me hungry.