Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday #190 -Oct 16

With Thanksgiving just pasted (in Canada), my Life Groups' (aka small group) discussion last night was on being thankful. It was a great night with yummy gluten-free brownies and friends and thought provoking sharing.

The thing that has stuck with me today was our conclusion that intentional thankfulness leads to positive thinking, encouragement (both personal and giving to others), and a sincere habit a thanksgiving. I shared my experience of writing weekly Thankful Thursday posts. I remember how on the most awful weeks my outlook completely changed after sharing how I am blessed. Being thankful change my perspective, attitude, and week.

I counted up all the past Thankful Thursdays; there are 189 (not always numbered the same); while not the flashiest of posts they are important and worthwhile.That is enough reason for me to resurrect the weekly series.

I am thankful....

1) for my Life Group and how our discussion last night lead to a renewed commitment to weekly post Thankful Thursdays.
2) that I have too many story ideas for NaNoWriMo. Inspiration inspires inspiration. With so many thoughts floating around my head I shouldn't get stuck with writer's block. Now I just need to overcome procrastination.
3) my co-ML! She is amazing!
4) high school football games -never thought I would say that.
5) microwaves -they are useful.
6) second chances.
7) Thanksgiving invitations; not just because of the delicious home-cooked meal, pumpkin pie, or that I didn't have to dishes. Those are all things I was thankful for this weekend. Invitations to join a family on Thanksgiving is wonderful because I am far from my family and holidays can be very lonely. Invitations mean I am included and remembered....and am not eating store bough pie alone.

Thank you to everyone who asked if I had a place to eat turkey!

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