Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday #192 -October 30

I am always surprised by stages I go through writing a Thankful Thursday post. It begins with dread. When I start it feels like a chore, I feel blank. The general thoughts are, "well it was a pretty ordinary week what can I share? What is there to be thankful that I haven't already said?"

Next comes determination. I will post even if it is thankful for air. I will say something. Then comes a review of the week day by day and slowly the joys and blessing fill my page till it is difficult to stop adding but I do because the goal is about seven. And this writing that was focused becomes this new way of thinking that changes my perspective and fills me with joy. It happened today and I expect it will happen next week. I know this is the process; it still surprises me every time.

Here is this week's results. I am thankful for...

1) The students who have become youth leaders on Sundays with children's ministry. They are amazing! I could not do what I do without them.

2) My church family. They bless me so much all the time with friendship, prayer, volunteering, and support to name a few. Specifically this past Sunday was the annual pastor appreciation event. I feel very appreciated! Thank you to everyone for your cards, words, gifts, flowers (I got flowers), and the pumpkin.

3) Days off. I am still getting over being sick a week ago and having a whole day to just rest was what I needed.

4) My co-ML for NaNoWriMo! She's amazing and puts up with me :)

5) Jamie who gladly marathons Doctor Who with me (Justine and Alice I am now up to date)!

6) The realization that I pay for a plane ticket home for Christmas! Thank you to an unexpected gift this week. Now just to arrange the flights.

7) Home cooked meals with others...especially when they love cooking and trying new things! It is the best of so many things meals with people are better, new foods, and no dishes. So much fun.

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