Sunday, October 26, 2014

Half Birthday Challenge Review

Challenges need accountability. Without checking on progress, measuring success, and celebrating victories things would not get accomplished. Today is my half birthday, I am 33 and a half today! Which seems like a fitting time to assess the progress of the 33 While 33.

For those who don't know. I like making mini-bucket lists. They are year long challenges that have tasks and hopes for that "birthday year." I set my 33 things I wanted to do while I was 33 back in April. Tasks I have completed are written in blue. Goals that are in progress are in orange. And those I haven't even started are in regular font colour. I'm also adding notes about the progress or lack of progress. Feel free to nag me about any not being done (or suggest ways I can meet the goal).

Here is the update on my 33 While 33 challenges:

  1. Choose a "My One Word" to focus my 33rd year: Abide
  2. Paint the canvas -It is still white. I don't think it will see any paint until January.
  3. Read the whole Bible -I'm reading the Gospel of Mark right now
  4. Finish 11 non-fiction books -I've read 1, I have three on the go
  5. Go some place new -I went to Falls Lake in September.
  6. Serve/help/volunteer in a new way -I have an idea
  7. Capture Happiness every day -I am working on this
  8. Count my blessings -the Thankful Thursday posts count
  9. Plan a trip
  10. Remember Birthdays
  11. Mail letters
  12. Visit my Grandma Stewart
  13. Build a snowman with my sister -plan to do this at Christmas
  14. Take a hot air balloon ride with my mum
  15. Go for a hike in the woods 
  16. Create a photo book
  17. Learn a new skill
  18. Make a new friend
  19. Reconnect with past friends
  20. Dance
  21. Try a new food
  22. Draw
  23. Grow something (bonus points if it is food that I can harvest)*
  24. Be a vegetarian for 30 days
  25. Sleep under the stars
  26. Celebrate an obscure or odd "holiday" -going to celebrate NaNo Eve this Friday!
  27. Send flowers
  28. Be flexible
  29. Get lost in a corn maze
  30. Send one of my works of fiction to a publisher
  31. Do something I've been putting off
  32. Host a murder mystery
  33. Go on a date -I went on a date this summer. It ended up being plutonic but it was an attempt. If no other dates happen this year it will count...but I am hoping a romantic date will happen in the next six months. I am almost willing to be set up on a blind date -almost.
12 done! I am the most excited about the hot air balloon ride. It was amazing.

There are 15 I am sure I can accomplish in the next six months.

The ones I am worried about finishing are:

  • 2 -I've had the canvas four years
  • 13 -what if there is no snow?
  • 23 -It would seem I've missed the window of opportunity on that one
  • 30 -I don't actually think I have anything worth sending. he nex
And that is where things are at. The next check up will be on Monday, January 26.


AuroraLee said...

2 - You MUST do it. :) What about a painting party? Paint it with your friends.

13 - You did not specify that it must be built with snow. Loop hole: got to Michael's, buy styro balls and built it that way.

23 - Aside from the 'bonus points', you did not specify it had to be food. Grow a connection, a skill, grow a piece of fiction (i.e. work on a story that needs expanding), basically, grow as a person :P (You're awesome already, but everyone can grow)

if all else fails, buy higher heels. LOL

30 - send it anyway. You've got six months to work on it. :)

Completing 2 and 30 would also satisfy #31. :P

Aunt Sharon said...

Liz great start and so many on the go too. I think that growing something could also be indoors. Herb garden? Just a thought. I did like the balloon ride also so much more than I expected. Not sure about the canvas that was always a hard one for me when I did paint. Like the idea of making it a friends event though. Really like that your blogging again. Miss you. Love you. God Bless.