Monday, February 23, 2015

Sisters' Top Ten Cosplay Plans

Over Christmas break Sister and I started talking about costumes. It was part of one of our family road trips chats. We share a lot of similar interests, so the discussion became what could we dress up as together. Our first idea was "Peter Pan and his shadow" and grew to fictional sisters and finally just things we both enjoy. We were going to make it a "Top Ten" blog post but we struggled to narrow it down the ideas.

While trying to narrow our list, Dad asked when we would ever be able dress up together. I'm never home for Halloween with Sister. So I said Sister could visit me for Hal-Con, or we could both go the Fan Expo (Toronto's comic convention). Which he thought was a great idea. I began looking into attending Fan Expo. We decided it would be a bit too much for this the plan is for Sister to fly to me so we can both go to Hal-Con!

That decision has made our costume list more exciting then just a fun discusion. Now we're woking on choosing three ideas could we actually pull off for Hal-Con. Here is the list we've brainstormed, it includes the characters with a link to googled examples and any fun thoughts we had about the costumes. The ideas with "*" are the ones we are considering doing the most.

1. Peter Pan and His Shadow
Peter Pan is Sister's favourite Disney movie and character. The other option could be to do Peter and Tinker Bell. But so far we've passed on the idea.

2.  The Sibylline Sisterhood*
The 10th Doctor came across the Sisterhood in The Fires of Pompeii.
I think the costume would be easy enough to sew and I like the idea of a subtle Doctor Who reference. I also would enjoy a more recognizable Doctor Who costume. I like Doctor Who.

3. Amy and River Song
I think this would be a perfect Doctor Who pair for Sister and me. Sister could be Amy and I'd be River Song. So that my younger sister was playing River Song's mother who is younger than River Song because time travel.

4. Idris and Amy
This is the last Doctor Who costume on the list. Idris is from an 11th Doctor episode called The Doctor's Wife. The essence of the TARDIS is put into a woman named Idris. The great thing about this pair is if we also do Amy and River we'd already have the Amy costume ready.

5. Elsa and Anna
From the very popular Frozen. This was the second costume idea we came up with because the girls are also sisters. My sister pointed out that it's too popular right now so there might be too many and the dresses would be complicated.

6. My Little Ponies*
We both loved MLP as little girls. I gave Sister her first pony. And we both like the human pony costumes. I have some ideas how we can pull it off. Right now the talks is Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

7. Sailor Moon
This was a discussion when co-costumes was still just an idea. I don't think I could pull off a sailor scout costume. Our talks were either to go as Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon or two Scouts we like.

8. Pikachu and Ash
Sister has a Pikachu costume from past Halloween so it is something we could pull off easily enough. The downside is how little I actually know about Pokémon.

9. Hunger games
This was our most heated discussion. With both agreed there would be a Katniss. The contention was Katniss and who. Sister believes we should keep the sister theme going and be Katniss and Prim. With me being Katniss and her being Prim. I like the concept but don't really have the athletic build of Katniss (I'm a bit more chubby). My idea is that Sister goes as Katniss and I go as Effie. Sister was completely against the idea till she remembered the monarch butterfly dress; then she warmed up to the idea a bit. Though it is not completely resolved.

10. Ruby and Yang
These two sisters are from RWBY by Rooster Teeth. You can watch the first two seasons on Rooster Teeth' site, YouTube, and Canadian Netflix (I don't know if it is available on US). I would love to create both these costumes but I think they would take a lot of effort and still so a possible future project but not for this year.

Those are the ideas we came up with and have been thinking about. I haven't stopped thinking about other ideas that work. We still have one more idea to choose and then the fun/challenging part of turning the ideas into reality. Do you have any ideas we should add to the list? Leave a comment, thanks.

Ideas I've Had Since I've Been Home:
Go Go Tomogo and Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6
The Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella
Susan and Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia

More Ideas: Added February 24

  • Woman from Lord of the Rings, the options are Rosie Cotton (Hobbit). Arwen (Elf), Éowyn (Human), or Galadriel (Elf).
  • Last Airbender, so many options Katara, Toph, Princess Yui, or Suki
  • How to Train Your Dragon (just saw a great tutorial for Toothless)
  • I forgot we talked about Harry Potter characters
  • Superheros or X-men
  • There are a number of Studio Ghibli characters I'd love to try
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Any Disney princess
I'm going to stop now, there are just so many possibilities. 

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