Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wednesday's Weekly Sketch #4 -Forest Waterfall

I tried something new this week, a waterfall. I discovered I really don't know how to draw water which made the waterfall an interesting challenge. Sadly I did not give myself enough time to really figure it out this week, the sketch felt rushed. It does mean I'll probably be trying more water sketches over the next few weeks.
I'm also frustrated with this sketch. A large part is because I didn't give myself to finish it well. But the other frustration is quality of the scan. The lighter details are missing. It looks incomplete because anything draw with less than a 4B is missing. It's been true every week but this scan was the must frustrating. I've a few different settings and will keep playing around with the machine but at the moment I am just frustrated. Any scanner/photocopier suggestions? Do you have the same troubles? Leave any advice or your tale of woe in the comments :)

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