Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday's Weekly Sketch #7 -Two Glass Bottles

I am frustrated with the scanner again. So I've included two reproductions of this week's sketch. The first is the scanned copy, the second is a picture take on my phone. Should I keep scanning the images or switch to using snapshots?
Thank you to everyone for the encouragement on last week's orange. I can't take too much credit, I did draw it but both the orange and these bottles are still life studies from The Art of Drawing with Pencils. I tried doing a still life of a real mug and got hopelessly frustrated. My sketching skills are still rusty.

But there is hope, I'm noticing improvements. I have even found myself more patient with the drawing process. Normally, I want to work fast and have a finished piece. I actually felt more relaxed and steady while working on this sketch.
I am trying not to be to hard on myself. I enjoyed the process of this sketch more than the end result. Looking at the snapshot I see areas that needed better shading, or less shading, or a different type of pencil mark. My favourite part is the neck and top of the larger bottle. And I have to keep reminding myself, all of my 2015 sketches are 100% better than the nothing I produced last year.

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