Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 10: Top Ten Earth Times and Places the Doctor Should Visit

I have this recollection of someone stating that for a man with the ability to travel anywhere in time and space the Doctor spends a lot of time in our time and England. I forget if it was inside an actual episode or just a commentary on the show but that is what inspired today's top ten, locations and/or times I'd like the Doctor to visit.

Two apologies. First, to any Classic Who fans, I have limited knowledge of the earlier adventures. If I mention an event or location that has already been visited by 1-8 I am sorry. The second, I am Canadian...and would love to see some adventures happen here so I might have gone heavy on the 'home and native' land promotion. With that is mind, here goes:

10. Canada (1881-1185)
Specifically the efforts to building the Trans Canada Railroad

9. UK (1888-1891)
I know the inspiration was to get the Doctor out of England. But it would be awesome if he stopped jack the ripper whose an alien.

8. Ancient Greece
Without going too Stargate, maybe the tale can be aliens pretending to be gods or something.

7. Germany 1440
For the invention of the printing press.

6. Canada -Nova Scotia
Okay, I am not where exactly what time period. There are so many options first settlers, Acadian deportation, or The Boston Explosion.

5. Paris, France (1889 or just before)
The Doctor shows up for the 1889 World Fair (or during the construction of the Eiffel Tower) and saves the day, again.

4. A Rainforest
It could be the Canadian Redwoods or the Amazon. It would just be very pretty.

3. Republic of Florence (present-day Italy) 1480-1510ish
Hang out with Leonardo da Vinci

2. Japan
Any time...because it's Japan.

1. Canada (1920s)
The Doctor shows up in a lumberjack camp.

What I realized as I put the list together I am most interest in the late 1800s. Neat. When and where would you want the Doctor to go?

Tomorrow I think will be a follow up to the Who-Crossovers with a few more ideas.
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Amai said...

City of Death, which is one of my favourite classic eps has the doctor going back to Davinci's workshop for time related shenanigans, but it's implied that they know each other well from some previous unseen thing. I would love to see someone go and have that adventure, in the same sort of way that we finally got to see why Queen Elizabeth had an issue with 10. But they'd have to work their way around 4 already having know Davinci with that face.

Right now, as far as what I'd like to see is anytime, any place. Who on the screen would be good!

No gods, but the classic ep where they went back to watch Nero burn rome was kinda cool.