Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 7: Whovian Joy and Saddness

The other day Cineplex sent me a email of joy, letting me know that select theaters would be showing the Doctor Who Christmas special on Boxing Day. I was excited. Talked it over with family, since we'll be in another city visiting the extended family and wanted to make sure it would be okay to go. The folks were on board. So I went on the website to find times and book tickets.

Since I have my location set on the site it gave me the local option first, 7pm December 26th. It is the only showing in my area. I changed the location to where we'll be on December 26th (till the 27th). And this is where our story takes a sad turn. The only showing there is December 28th at 11am, by which time I'll be back in my area where the special will have already been shown.

That is my tale of woe.

I feel the urge to add #firstworldproblems

I am blessed and this small inconvenience isn't the end of my world, Christmas season, or even the day. I'm getting to see family, I live in a great place, I don't live in fear and I am fed and warm at night. I am truly blessed. God is good to me. Also, I'm still going to watch the Christmas special at some point regardless of the screen size. The joy of watching it at home I can pause the show and go for more snacks.

Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 6 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian (probably) sees the Christmas Special: 7 sleeps

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