Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cat Tales

Yesterday’s kitty appointment went well with the vet. They are healthy, got their booster shots, and scheduled to become its in "two" weeks. I also learned that they are now too big to fit in a laundry basket, under a blanket, together, which was my method of transporting them the last time.

This very critical piece of information was not discovered until we were already on the road and through the second set of lights on our way to vets. Kima found away to wiggle between the basket and the side of the blanket, then squirmed to the edge of the car seat where the blanket wasn’t pushed under the basket to free herself. She proceeded to explore the car. Next she decided it was time to rescue her brother. The two were loose and free while I was driving. It was nerve racking. The only thing cute about it was them both stretching up to look out the passenger window.

Thankful the animal hospital loaned me two carriers for the visit and drive home. It made the waiting room experience stress free. Added bonus they said I could come in the day before their next visit to borrow the carriers again…no more laundry basket fiascos.

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