Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday Scribbles: “Sleep (and/or Teeth)”

5 AM

My alarm goes off most mornings at 5 AM, even I think it’s crazy. It started as an attempt to totally change my sleep patterns. I wanted to be an early hasn’t happened yet. During NaNoWriMo those early hours became my mad writing time. I tried to keep it up after November but quickly slipped into a new routine. Now, having the alarm blare just before the crack of dawn, gives me an odd sense of joy. When the first beep goes off I know I can hit snooze 12 to 16 more times before I actually have to move…I find comfort in that. I’ve also found that I actually remember two or three dreams from this sleep-awake-sleep routine, which has been wonderful for my dream journal. I like my bizarre dreams lately. They’ve about owning a candy café or having the power to teleport, even the dream about finding cures to pledges by eating bananas.

My dreams haven’t always been so fluffy, in college I had this reoccurring dream about teeth. The setting was either looking into a mirror or just me in blackness and once I was sitting on my dorm bed. The dream would start with my touching a tooth, normally a molar, which was wiggly. I would touch it again and it would be so loose that it would fall out. The first few times I had this dream that is all that would happen. Then the dream changed and the tooth that was loose would be a very noticeable one, like my front teeth. Once it felt so real when I woke up I really thought the tooth was gone. Then the dream evolved, after loosing the first tooth I would then touch my other teeth and they would either fall out or just disappear. I had this dream very few weeks my freshmen year.

One of my apartment mates was in psych at the time and decided I would make a great case study. I’d tell her my dreams (not all of them were about teeth just the majority) and she would analyze them. She concluded that I had deep self-esteem issues, desired acceptance and approval and that the loosing of my teeth was a manifestation of my fears…or something. If she was right the only good news from this tale is I haven’t had the teeth dream in years.

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matthew said...

Does waking up so early and hitting snooze so often make you tired all day? I've heard that in interrupted sleep is not 'quality' sleep, but you would know from experience so i'm asking :)

The AJ Thomas said...

I have heard that loosing your teeth in a dream is a manifestation of a sense that you are loosing control of your life or that it is more than you can keep a grasp on. Sounds like a pretty appropriate feeling for a college freshman.

Heather said...

Interesting dream theory! I would think it had more to do with the stressful freshman year, though. I've never had a recurring dream. Just lots of random, strange dreams. Kind of like my real life. lol

Maria Purviance said...

i could never get up at five. and i wouldn't want to. i love sleep. :)

Kelly said...

I have that same dream all the time.