Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Scribbles: "Fridge Space"

While driving home tonight at the start of a mild snowstorm the radio was announcing a great getaway contest they are having to escape the cold. We always want to be somewhere else. In the winter it’s a hot beach, in the summer it a cruise in Alaska.

Reminds me of a week trip my youth group took to Toronto when I was 16. The team was made of youth groups from across North America. I always thought it was odd that our group was only one from Canada. It was July and at the time the city was experiencing a record-breaking heat wave. The Americans couldn’t believe "cold Canada" could be so hot. We just wanted to stay cool. The place we were sleeping didn’t have air conditioning. It did have a kitchenette a mini freezer that was a little shorter that a bathtub with a ledge about a foot from the bottom and about a foot higher that me when I was sitting. How do I know this? We would take five minute turns resting inside just to cool off. (Mom don’t worry it’s in the past and we always had the lid open a crack and there was always someone guarding/waiting for their turn).

This could be a commentary on how dissatisfied we can be…but really I just remember having a lot of fun fitting into a small fridge like space. I think there is a picture somewhere of me sleeping it that freezer…I should hunt it down.

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myrtle beached whale said...

fun recollection. a heatwave in Canada? what did it get, above freezing?

Cricket's Hearth said...

I went to upper Canada once in July and it was cool enough for long sleeves and jackets.

tumblewords said...

What an image! Nifty post - be sure and post the photo when you find it!

Heather said...

Hey, anything to cool off in a heatwave. lol What a great memory!

keith hillman said...

Well, that's different!