Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday (On Sunday)

I am thankful for a chance to sit and rest. Friday night we had an all-nighter for the youth group. Most of the week was spent getting everything prepared and just didn’t happen (I slept). This is my first real opportunity to blog.

Reviewing the weeks happenings I thank God for…

-Sleep; there is nothing more wonderful than hours of uninterrupted sleep after a night without.
-The leaders in my youth ministry…they are AMAZINGLY AWESOME! The youth group would not function without them.
-Friends who help prepare when they really don’t have to
-Chick flicks…and novels and friends to watch and discuss the stories with.
-My cats, they’re officially its now and have been so friendly and cuddly since.
-Having vision, purpose, and clear direction.
-The smell of clean clothes.
-Meeting new people.


Jecca said...

My cat is much cuddlier and friendlier since her operation too. :) Glad you had a good week!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Jess.