Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cat Tales

I think Inu is having an identity crisis. Maybe it is because his name means “dog” is Japanese he has begun to chase his tale.

A few weeks ago I was filling the tub when he decided that the tub’s ledge was the best possible place to tale chase. I laughed at him and told him he was going to fall. After three frantic turns he tumbled onto the bathroom floor, shook his hind leg as if he had planned to fall, and sauntered off like nothing happened.

The next night I was reflecting on Inu’s fall as I filled the tub again. My conclusion was that it would have been a better story if he had fallen in water. As I was thinking, Inu jumped up on the ledge and begun spinning around intent on capturing his tale again. It was if he wanted the better story because seconds later there was a very loud splash. It must not be much of an identity crisis; he still has a cat’s hate of water. A streak of wet fur flew out of the bathroom at record speed and didn’t return the rest of the night.

He hasn’t completely learned…he’s fallen the tub by chasing his tail twice since that night.

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