Saturday, April 12, 2008

No Pain, No Gain?

I hurt...

...and I have no one to blame for the discomfort but myself. It is causing me to re-working my theology of Hell…eternal punishment will involve running long, long distances.

I joined a running group. Saturdays at 9am we meet and run. Then through out the week there is runner’s homework. They have given us a schedule of how many times we need to run on our own and how far we should run. I only got two finished of three distances last week and I felt it today going up a hill.

I enjoy running, I do, I enjoy running. The joy doesn’t come till after the run is over and my whole body celebrates. The whole thing makes me question own my sanity. I found this poster on Despair, Inc. it sums up my thoughts at the 2km point this morning.


Robin said...

That's great.

Dena said...

Yeah for whipping your body into shape! Keep it up. And thanks for the nod to - love it! Hey, about your "friday five"...interesting that *when* you were born was Edmonton. I was born at 11:03am
But Edmonton's a nice time, too. :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Robin

Dena, ha ha...totally was thinking where. I'll change that now.

glo said...

i've also started, today, with a new workout scedual. i hate running but my work out includes a walk scedual in which you slowly highten the intencity that you walk at.