Monday, April 21, 2008


Last night was the areas monthly youth service “Rally in the Valley”. When I arrived I asked my friend if there was anything she needed help with before we began. She did. Someone needed to make an announcement about mature subject matter before a version on the following skit was presented:

I didn’t want the job. In essences I was the TV announcement saying “viewer discretion is advised”. I thought it was unnecessary and dumb. This was a youth rally full of youth who lived with these themes and topics all the time. Warning them seemed silly to me. I tried to reason my way out of the task…it didn’t work. So I made the announcement, rather awkwardly because I still thought it was silly.

After the skit I watched a woman, who I assume was a mother, escort two young girls (maybe 7 or 8) back into the service. It was in that moment I no longer thought the announcement was dumb. I actually was glad someone had thought about the younger audience.

I’m not always right. Sometimes it’s not an issue of “right” or “wrong”. Sometimes it not even an issue of who had the better idea. A leadership theme I’ve heard taught is unity with leadership in the face of disagreement. Today the concept is no longer theory. Sometimes we just need to let go and submit.

And to you who reads this and made the call to have the “dumb” announcement –Good Call!


matthew said...

well illustrated point :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Matthew

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