Thursday, February 11, 2010

10th Anniversary

I remember sitting in bio class ten years ago as my friend Sara tried to explain a new show that she had seen the night before. With a bit of effort she finally explained that the players lived on the island for up to 40 days and the one not voted off won a million. I was intrigue but didn’t have cable so Sara would give me a weekly update about the island.

Few could have predicted “Survivor’s” ongoing success. Ten years later the twentieth season “Heroes vs. Villains” begins tonight. It’s like the All-Star season only bigger pitting favourites against the infamous. CBS and Global both have sites to see whose back for another, for some this is a third chance at a million and “reality celebrity” fame.

I haven’t been a faithful “never-miss-an-episode” fan but have enjoyed different seasons. I recognize most of the heroes and villains and an actually excited to see who wins this season (and then I hope the show ends for good).

Here are my predictions:

A villain will win the million

  • Amanda will make it to final three.
  • Cirie on the jury make it to final five.
  • Colby on the jury make it to final six
  • James on the jury voted out seventh like the previous two times
  • Jerri gone before the jury (hopefully early) maybe third
  • Parvati voted out early before merge/jury
  • Rob making it to final three
  • Rupert on jury make it to final five
  • Russell voted early maybe even first (which would be sad from a viewing perspective he creates drama which is fun to watch...but smart for those who live with him because he plays dirty).

I don’t know (or don’t remember) Candice, Coach, Courtney, Danielle, JT, Randy, Sandra, Stephanie, Sugar, Tom, or Tyson so I can’t make any predictions about them. Once Global uploads the two-hour premiereto their site I’ll update my predictions (I missed the start because of youth group). Now it’s just a matter of seeing who can really “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" or going with season’s new motto "Return, Revenge, Redemption".

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