Saturday, February 06, 2010

ACF, a Joke, and Japan

I visited Acadia University’s Christian Fellowship (ACF) tonight. A friend invited me because she I might be interested in the speakers topic. It was my first time at one of their meetings. It was like youth group meets adulthood. They were self-lead with student leaders sharing the responsibilities of speaking, organizing worship, prayer, and fun events. A guy who had been in my youth group just two years ago was collecting forms and money for their upcoming retreat. Watching their group gave me hope.

The group started sharing highs and lows of from their week. One girl said she had made a great lentil soup. Another girl, a div. student, asked if anyone bought it with their birthright. No one seemed to get it but I giggled for a few moments. I know it is a weak joke but I liked it.

The guy who spoke is teaching in northern Japan, hours from where I had taught. He’s home for a short break and will be going back next week. The region was different than where I was living but there were still similarities. At first it was just nostalgic trip down memory lane. I craved yakisoba, smiled at the mention of vending machines, and remembered my favourite places. But as he shared about the people and culture and the spiritual atmosphere I really wanted to go back. I’ve wanted to “go back” before but always as a short trip to travel and visit people. This time I wanted to actually go back longer maybe even teach. I don’t know what this means if it was just a feeling or something more. What I know is right now I miss Japan.


Robin said...

Yup. Japan does that.

Elizabeth said...

It does, doesn't it.