Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Reasonable Rewards

I’m looking for suggestions. With my Love, Lifestyles, Letters year long project (which I explained here) I’ve broken the big year goals into smaller monthly goals and then again into daily check lists. It’s working and I’m enjoying the challenge. However I realized today that there are no incentives. I hadn’t set any short term rewards…till today. I picked two rewards: 1) a hall carpet for my front entrance if I meet my cleaning goals and 2) a new shirt and pants if I meet my workout/health goals.

Both rewards are good. They are things that are practical but I would also enjoy. But I don’t want to always reward myself with consumer-buying prizes. The problem is all my ideas are centered in or go back to shopping, buying, and spending.

I thought of allowing myself to start a new knitting project but that means buying new yarn (not a bad thing in and of itself but I have just started two projects and have enough yarn to start at least three more). I thought about splurging on high end make-up…again buying stuff. I thought about buying a book but I have enough books that I haven’t even started.

What I need are suggestions; suggestions for rewards and incentives that do not require shopping?


Steph said...

If you get all your cleaning done for the week you get a phone date with me.

A goal could be taking an hour to go take picures

or having someone over because your house is nice and clean

or a bubble bath for doing a chore you really didn't want to do

Elizabeth said...

Awesome suggestions!

What about if with the phone calling, if I go the whole month I get to visit you?
That would be awesome!

Combs said...

I would say any goal that as something to do with traveling would be a good idea. Maybe somewhere you've not been in a while, or have never been. Sometimes the it's the small things that are the best incentives. getting to sleep in a little longer, being able to get that other book, spending an afternoon outside at the beach, heck spending an hour in my car looking at the ocean would be incentive enough to do...well I'll keep that to myself for now...

Steph said...

I like the way you think!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad! Hopefully I'll be having a trip to Moncton in the near future.