Friday, June 17, 2011

The New Friday Five

Six years of blogging has taught me that I post more when I have (self-imposed) weekly blogging commitments. It could be a series like Cat Tales or my weekly Survivor updates or memes I found from other bloggers like Thankful Thursdays, Sunday Scribblings, and The Simple Woman. Not only do I post on the scheduled day I find that I have more ideas for blogging...some of which actually get written.

I also know that my blogging dips in the summer so I want to have a few more guaranteed reasons posts. So yesterday, when I stumbled upon my old Friday Fiver posts while searching for the My Father is My Hero story, I thought it would be a great time to restart the meme. Each Friday there are five new questions connected with a theme to answer. The meme hasn't been updated since 2008 but after a bit of googling I found The Friday Five and the Friday 5. Not sure which one I like more so for now I'll do both, here goes:

The Friday Five -Random:
1. have you ever really lived outside the country of your birth? why or why not?
    Yes, twice. The first was in the Kingdom of Swaziland (Africa) for my college work study/internship for five and a half months. The second time I lived in Japan for a year teaching English and helping with a church plant.
2. what was your first record?3. what do you think of your parents?4. what is your relationship with your hair?
    It is nice hair straight and manageable. It doesn't require much morning primping so I guess the relationship is loving indifference, most days, that is until it won't cooperate with my "let's look pretty" plans. In those moments I hate it. Or when it gets in my way (face) then I vow to shave it off. Also, I'm almost 85% sure I'm going to make some drastic change to it's colour or style before the end of the month. Depending on how that goes the feelings may change again.
5. what kind of pens do you like?
    Black inked pens

And theFriday 5 -Around the House:
1.Of the products you use just to keep yourself clean and presentable, what seems to be the most overpriced?
    Um...not sure.
2.Where in your house is a reliable place to get a few quarters?
    The change jar
3.A rare yes-or-no question on Friday 5: Have you ever dropped your cell phone onto your face?
4.What did you last take out of your freezer?
    Pork Chops
5.How many rolls of wrapping paper do you have in your house?
    Five...I think


Jecca said...

um, i love this and i might steal it.

Elizabeth said...

steal away!