Wednesday, June 01, 2011

TV Talk: Finales and Cancelled Shows

In TVLand the change from winter to spring means two things: season finales and cancellations. I watch the seasons’ wraps up and grip about how they’ve ruined the story. At the same times I hold my breath while the networks cut programs from their schedules waiting to see if my shows survived the slaughter. Strange maybe, but TV news and blogs are one of my hobbies and guilty pleasures.

I love the kooky sci-fi shows, so normally my favourites are dead before they even air or on the wrong side of the bubble. This year wasn’t too bad. I was only disappointed by two cancellations, Human Target and Off the Map. They were fluff shows and I will miss them. The upside about a beloved show being cancelled is the loss frees up space and time for some of the new fall allows new shows.

Finales are the other side. They can be frustrating. Each year the writers must wrap story aches up while giving enough of a cliffhanger to hold viewers interest over the summer. It often means each scene is overstuffed with drama and everything explodes all at once. Here where the finales that stood out to me (on a scale of 1-5). SPOILER WARNING:

Redemption Island = ?: After blogging about who was voted off week after week, I still don’t know who won Survivor. The finale aired in the midst of my “not sure what to say about 1000 posts” blogging hiatus and I just haven’t watched it yet. I’m not even sure I want to watch the end.

Grey’s Anatomy = 3.2: I remember not liking it. It wasn’t a bad episode…it just wasn’t amazing. I wasn’t even expecting the writers to top last year’s shooting or even the George’s accident. I hated the closing monologue and all the relationships falling part just so there could be drama in the fall. I’m not sure I’ll watch Grey’s in the fall.

Bones = 4.5: It felt, at first, anti-climatic after the conclusion to Booths manhunt. But I liked the kookiness of the pair being undercover, the guest appearance of Brennan’s dad, and the birth. The lighter tone was good after Nigel-Murray’s death. And then, in the last moments, BAM, the writer’s get you with Brenna announcing “I’m pregnant. The baby is yours.” Season seven is going to be interesting.

The Mentalist = 4.9: wow…wow …WOW! It was a good wrap up to the season with some nice use of twists and dragging out the reveal. I knew Jane was going to meet Red John (friend told me) but I didn’t see it going like that. Oh My! Where do the writers go from there?

Castle = 4.9: It was another night of “wow, really, wow” I missed “I’m guilty” cues from Montgomery so that was a surprise. Then the climax, which could be the Beckett getting shot or Castle’s love confession. It stunned me that they actually shot Beckett, how are they going to “save her” but at the same time she is half the show so you know she’s going to be fine. I guess the real question is, who will be the new captain?

With the last of the finales done, the TV seasons change from wrap ups to the dry wasteland of summer programming. There will be reality shows, reunions, and the shows that weren’t good enough to plug into midseason slots. I am looking forward to SYTYCD, Merlin, and catching up on Fringe, Eureka, and the new season of Warehouse 13.

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