Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Becca

I'm thankful for...Becca!

She's wonderful! I mean, wonderful doesn't cut it. How to you sum up a person in a few words. Our friendship is very dear to me. We meet the summer of 2005. She was going into her senior year of high school and I volunteered at New Hope as a youth leader before spending a year in Japan. She was part of the group that gave me Melvin the Moose! (You can find a few more, but not all, of Melvin's adventures here)

When I came home we reconnected and a beautiful friendship grew. For four years she was one of my key youth leaders. She spend a summer working at the church as the summer intern assisting in the children and youth ministries (or as Jay retitled it "Liz's minion"...hee...hee...hee....I have minions.) And last year she set out on a huge adventure moving all across the country to be an intervarsity intern. I can't expess how proud I am of her. It is exciting to watch her grow in her faith and seek God and actually do what He says. And now Becca is HOME! least for the summer. We're going to have a movie-girls night very soon.

Becca is great. She is sweet, and thoughtful, and compassionate, and resourceful, and intelligent, and caring, and sensitive, and wise, and genuine, and supportive, and my sanity at time, and real, and fun, and truly huggable. I love her!

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