Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 62

FOR TODAY: June 19, 2011
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Outside my window...dark skies and rain, lots of rain, the working theory is that Nova Scotia is crying.

I am thinking...Children matter! And in the nature vs. nurture debate I don't think it is an either or situation, both affect who the child will became. We ("the village") MUST do everything to help children reach their full potential...even when its frustrating. God grant me patience

I am thankful Dad!

From the's been an unhealthy week. I miss veggie month because the challenge kept me motivated to make real meals.

I am dress pants and a red top (two different people said I looked sharp this morning and wondered if I've lost weight....I have!).

I am creating...a baby blanket and a mug cosy.

I am the Clayground.

I am reading...Sophie's World, The God Delusion, Stardust, B is for Burglary, Flatland, Love Wins, and Pride & Prejudice (audio)

I am be productive -tomorrow.

I am hearing...rain.

Around the house...must wash walls and get back on track with the decluttering

One of my favorite things...starting new projects; they're shiny.

A picture to share...Forgot to charge camera last week so no new pictures -sorry.


Glo said...

Kentucky is crying to today.

Jecca said...

Is the P&P the one I love so much????!!! I hope so, the reader is amazing!

Also, any month/week/day can be veggie month/week/day!!! Each and every one counts towards warm fuzzy feelings for me. :) <3

Elizabeth said...

And I do love earning "Jess Points" I'm not sure I told you, my Crazy Rumors Brew lip balm is my new favourite! Thank you.

Jecca said...

i'm so glad you like it! i have the coffee flavors and was considering getting myself the tea ones, but i was just at the store i got it from and they don't seem to have it anymore! will have to see where else i can get it besides online...