Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 61

FOR TODAY: June 12, 2011
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Outside my forest.

I am thinking...this day is going to be good

I am thankful for...Jay and Becca and God's grace.

From the kitchen...I made or more attempted oyakodon, I couldn't find dashi stock or even dashi-no-mono so I modified by using an instant miso soup mix. The mix almost made the whole dish too salty but it worked.

I am wearing...a new skirt that is black but has butterflies and flowers with a new pink tee over a black tank with black flats....I might need to invest in pink heels next.

I am creating...soot sprites, a tea cup hat, and a baby blanket. I finished the mohair shawl and cat this past week.

I am the Clayground this afternoon to paint ceramics.

I am reading...Sophie's World, Searching for God Knows What, Stardust, B is for Burglary, Flatland, Love Wins, and Double Crossed (audio)

I am hoping...the sunburn pain lessens sooner rather than later.

I am hearing...laughter.

Around the house...if it works out I hope to wash the walls this week. I had thought tomorrow but it looks like I'll be in the city.

One of my favorite things...sunny market days, good yard sale fines, and unexpected joys.

A picture to share...
This was from my first Clayground adventure a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Rubbing (er, dabbing) vinegar on a sunburn helps ease the pain a lot.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the advice!