Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Maria

I am thankful for....

I am thankful for Maria (really the whole family who add so much to my life) for so many great reasons. We've been friends since I've been in Nova Scotia. We share an interest in child development and kid stuff, books, crafts, board games, and Jesus. Also, Danny and Maria are the host/leaders of my life group. So now I get to see them every, well, every week that I actually make it to life group.

Maria is insightful, generous, encouraging, kind, fun, thoughtful, helpful and all round great friend! I love our late night chats, our walk/runs (that was a short but good attempt at being athletic and healthy), and her smile. Maria has a great smile that makes people happy!

Every year she includes me in ALL holiday-family-dinner-celebrations that I am here alone. She understands the being away from family at family-together time. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving with out Maria's sweet potatoes, an amazing dessert, and a late night of games or movie watching. Also, she gets me an Easter basket every year =AWESOME!

Last night, life group night, she totally let me use her hot glue gun and make was great! (I've been in a very creative place lately painting, knitting, creating in general I like it.) I am very thankful for the use of hot glue gun, the creative input, and just the time together. So yep,
I'm thankful for Maria!

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