Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Adventure is Calling

I found the image on Pinterest
and could not track down
the original creator. 
I got a text last night from a dear friend, simply asking, "I have something to run by you. Would you
like to go on an epic road trip with me next week?" As I stared at my phone there was a rational side of me that was thinking, "sounds fun but there is work, commitments, and responsibilities. You can't you just can't." There was another, much smaller voice that said, "go on an adventure; it will be epic!" I sent a very neutral response of "um...no idea. maybe" and fell asleep.

Something happened while I slept, I decided I was going. I woke this morning knowing I needed to make this trip happen. My desire to go is more than just a "life is short" seize the day. I am feeling that this week; someone I love is no longer in the world. I am mourning the loss. So, there is a bit of a carpe diem motivation. It is also something more, life can be short except for those whos experience is that "life is long". It is not about the years a person has but the life poured into the years. All fall my Sister's catch phrase has been, "live your best life." And so I shall.

While I was working out if I can actually go, I was chatting with another friend over messenger. They reminded me, "epic things are worthwhile" and confirmed my decision with this personalized Tolkien quote:
"It is a dangerous business, Liz my girl, walking out your door... 'You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.'"
My next thought was, "Sweet, this trip can cross 'be spontaneous' off the 40 Before 40." Only when I looked at the list of 40 goals and be spontaneous wasn't there. I'm realizing there are a number of ideas I had that didn't make the list. A few weeks back I found a note on my phone I had been compiling for months of possible challenges. Here are some that didn't make the list but maybe should have:

1) Be spontaneous/doing something random or unexpected
2) Do something with that canvas
3) Participate on a dragon boat team
4) Learn a martial art
5) Have a conversation in a different language
6) Learn a musical instrument/learn to play a song
7) See a favourite band live (that you don't think you'd ever see live)
8) Snorkel and/or scuba dive
9) Try white water rafting and/or sky diving
10) Try a capsule wardrobe for a whole season
11) Indoor rock climbing
12) Ride an Orient Express train (original no longer in use) while reading Murder on the Orient Express
13) Walk through a labyrinth
14) Try an escape room
15) Ride and elephant
16) See the Victoria Falls
17) Visit the Galapagos Islands
18) Sleep in a castle (I'll settle for visiting one)
19) Visit the Doctor Who museum
20) Visit the Studio Ghibli museum
21) Explore the "Shire" and other LOTR sites in New Zealand
22) Have stamps from counties of six continents in one passport
23) Learn to juggle or do a magic trick
24) Fly first class
25) Own a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's
26) Memorize 100 verses
27) Memorize a chapter or book of the Bible
28) See a Shakespeare play in Stratford
29) Attend San Diego Comic-con
30) Eat at a Michelin rated restaurant
31) Eat macaroons in Paris
32) Cosplay more (there is a list of characters)
33) Celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa
34) Cook the family Thanksgiving feast from scratch (with help)
35) Live outside of Canada (again)
36) Take dance lessons: ballet, hip hop, swing, something
37) Be in a flash mob (do those things still happen?)
38) Walk through a butterfly sanctuary
39) Watch the sunrise and set on the same day
40) Complete a Rubik cube without a cheat sheet
41) Master hula hooping
42) Drive a standard
43) Visit all provinces and territories
44) Portage a canoe
45) Go Disney bounding
46) Crochet something
47) Participate in the Not Since Moses run
48) Read classics
49) Give away something of value
50) Buy fun bedding and duvet cover
51) Play D&D with one of my GM heroes
52) Vacation somewhere warm
53) Meet one of my heroes
54) Float on the Dead Sea
55) Camp in a rainforest, the African bush, or the Australian outback
56) Help someone else cross something off their Bucket List
57) See the Passion Play in Germany (there is a specific town, must ask Aurora)
58) Get married (there are crazier things on the list)
59) Eat dessert for breakfast
60) Have a special girls day with Mum and Sister

So, there were more than a few other ideas. Looks like I'm well on my way to finishing the challenge four, make a lifetime bucket list.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Lol. Thanks for taking the second leg! You rock in my group!

Elizabeth said...

You're welcome! And you rock in my group!

Susi said...

We could help with #42, you can start on Stuart's racing rig...

Elizabeth said...

That's an awesome idea!