Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Joy and Adventures

Another trip around the sun successfully accomplished. To celebrate I decided to start the day with a very early morning adventure. My mission was to watch the sunrise. Picture to the right is from the pre-sunrise waiting. The sunrise was good and so was the rest of the day, full of joy and joyfulness. There were friends and food and surprises and Doctor Who and it ended with Despicable Me.

The whole day reminded how awesome the people in my life are and how blessed I am. Awhile back I read/heard about a woman who was going to try to come up with a thousand things she was thankful for in a year (I don't remember where or when). I thought the idea was neat and decided it would make a good Thankful Thursday challenge. So the quest for a thousand thankful things will begin next week. Should be interesting. It might be a mix of blessings and favourite things. Till then here is a picture account of this mornings adventure:
Some time after 5am Pre-Sunrise Waiting

I forgot I had zoomed in....silly Liz

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