Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ugh! Tissues Are My New Best Friend

There is some type of flu/head-cold miserable sinus plague going around. I got it Friday. I've gone through so many tissues. Part of me wants to continue to whine about it....part of me knows that just wouldn't be fun to read.

I really just wanted to explain the reason for blog-posting hiatus. I had posts were planned for the whole month. Writing was beyond my skills most of the week. I lacked the brain ability to string words together in coherent ways (it would surprise you how long it took to write this short message and now I'm ready for a nap.)

I miss you blog readers :(


Anonymous said...

With all possible speed, please get better. I could possibly throw some magic healing dust in your direction to see if that would help ... but a) I ran out of it some years ago, and b) I do not know in which direction to fling it.

What works for me is astagalus. (Get it at EOS.) It works by strengthening one's immune system and can be taken if you already have a cold. (Unlike echinachea which is not effective once you have a cold.)
My compromised immune system swears by astragalus! I go whole winters without a cold.

Good health to you,

Jecca said...

hope you are already feeling better by today! <3