Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Decisions, Plans and Future Posts

  • Veggie month will be May this year. This is partly because of the reasons mentioned earlier (I want ham on Easter and bacon on my birthday) and partly because I hadn't actually realized it was April when I enjoyed a slice of meat lover's pizza -which made April not veggie month.
  • The other big-ish decision, for the blog at least, is I've signed up for another month of NaBloPoMo the blog everyday challenge.
  • I am working on a short story. Best Word, the writing group I'm in, is planning on self-publishing a collection of the groups writings. I have till May 28th to finish and edit the story. I'm very excited.
  • The youth group's 3rd Annual Thrift Shop Formal banquet is coming up. Last year's theme was Alice in Wonderland. This year it is a masquerade. At this time by biggest question is "what to feed them and how do I make that special/different?"The first year we did a mystery meal (where they order a list of funny words that include their utensils) last year was a progressive dinner.
  • The other ministry plans are the children's ministries summer backyard clubs. My head is full of thoughts and ideas on how to make our three weeks successful.
  • I want to have a few friends over at the end of the month to celebrate my birthday. The challenge is actually having the space to a point I feel comfortable having people over again....at the moment it feels like the clutter is winning the war and not willing to give up any ground. I have 23 days (and if I have to everything will get crammed into my office and bedroom). More than beating back (getting rid of) all the stuff I want to make the space feel more like me -hang pictures and such.
  • The biggest of my plans is happening in three months. I'm going to be going on a short term mission trip to Central Asia.
Future Posts:

  • Two new Talking with an Atheist questions
  • A review/reaction to the Hunger Games
  • Thoughts on some TV shows I like
  • Relaunch of Rate the Fun board game reviews
  • Ministry resources I wish existed (and maybe do but I haven't found them yet)


Nuchtchas said...

your home will never be acceptable to your eyes, but, just make sure people have space to sit, chat and eat and you are fine. You've seen my house, and while it was cleaned up that day, it's cluttered and I have way more stuff than I need to have. No one cares about your apartment, they care about you. <3

Jecca said...

sounds good!

yay, birthdays and mission trips!!!

Elizabeth said...

I agree!