Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Survivor: One World Week 8

It is nice being right. Last week my prediction was that Michael even though the "plan" was to send home a weak outsider. Jay was wanting to vote out a Manono girl to make the gender numbers equal. That isn't what happened. The girls plotted and lied successfully that lead to Michael being blindsided. The remaining guys are now scrambling to see which alliances still stand.

Survivor Thoughts: Thoughts on "Just Annihilate Them:
  • Kim is playing a strong social and alliance based game. She's made promises to many people which can be good....unless the rest of the castaways think she's being a puppet master.
  • Blindsides are mean and hilarious.
  • Tarzan talking is also hilarious.
Predictions for April 11:
The girl's alliance is the strongest. Unless Jay can win immunity or secure a new alliance with some of the woman on the outside I think he has the greatest chance of going home. The girls might try for Troyzan but I don't think they know he has an immunity idol.

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