Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Survivor: One World Weeks 6 & 7

Two episodes have aired since my last Survivor prediction. Colton was medically evacuated in episode five. Both tribes were called to a special tribal council where the merge was announced (10 hours earlier than the show had expected.)

Last week was a hilarious adventure in watching the weaker alliance miss the point. There was a lot of blow ups and scrambling by Tarzan and Jonas but it didn't strengthen either their positions.

Survivor Thoughts:

  • Even with Colton gone there will be no end to the social-game drama. Last week it was provided by Tarzan with crazy "you broke our alliance" blow up and "not poopy" underwear incident.
  • Tarzan might be a smart but he seems oblivious to what is going on in the camp or the game.
  • I think Kim is playing smart and the guys, even the ones in her alliance should be worried.
Predictions for April 4:
Tarzan and Leif are on the outside of everything. It would make them seem the likely targets but since the are on the outside I could see the stronger alliances trying to pick of strong players in the middle who think they are safe. With that in mind, I think Michael is in trouble.

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