Thursday, July 30, 2015

August Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge Sign-Up

The second Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge is wrapping up. I am still having fun creating prompts so the challenge is returning for August. Also, my writing this month was not successful; I need a second chance to redeem myself.

How The Challenge Works:
For those new to the monthly challenge, there will be a new writing prompt posted every Monday to Friday at 6am starting August 3rd. The goal of the challenge is to help developed or improve a regular a daily writing habit. These prompts are intended to be a start to a writing session, similar to a musician practicing scales.

There are no prompts for Saturday or Sunday. These can be breaks or a chance to catch up prompts missed during the week.

How To Participate:
1. Choose a Goal
The overall purpose of this challenge is to improve daily writing habits. The levels are there to challenge you to write more often then you currently are.
Tin: Write 1 day a week -4 completed writing warm-ups
Bronze: Write 2 days a week -8 completed writing warm-ups
Silver: Write 3 days a week -12 completed writing warm-ups
Gold: Write 4 days a week -16 completed writing warm-ups
Platinum: Write 5 days a week -21 completed writing warm-ups
2. Sign Up
Signing up isn't necessary but it is helpful. Having others know you are participating in the challenge, even if it is strangers, helps keep you motived to keep your commitment. To sign-up leave a comment below along with your challenge level. You can sign up from now till July 10th.

3. Write
There will be a new prompt every day in June. Use them as your warm-up writing exercise to meet your goal.

4. Share
On days you use the prompt, leave a comment sharing your success. It can be as simple as "I did it." Or you can share your track record 5 out of 20 accomplished. If you have a blog where you share writing leave a link to the corresponding results.

My Goal:
I am trying for the silver level, I was too ambushes last month with too many new commitments. I will try for gold again in September.

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Amai said...

I will be aiming for platinum. With the Catch up days, I managed that this month, but considering I'm going to be away for two weeks next month, it remains a wildly ambitious goal. I'm glad you're enjoying posting them, because I look forward to doing them.