Wednesday, July 01, 2015

July Daily Writing Warm-Up #1

Hello and welcome to the first of the July Writing Warm-Up prompts. This is the second month of the daily warm-up challenges. There have been a few changes from how June went. For full details or to sign-up for the challenge visit the introduction post July Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.

Let's Talk
Time: 10 min

It is a day of celebration here in my home and native land, Canada Day and all the related festivities are the inspiration of today's  prompts. Choose one of the following conversation topics to spend 10 minutes writing about.

1) someone who has been living abroad telling someone how they feel about returning to their home country.

2) two people arguing about the merits of living in Canada (or a country of your choice)


3) a parent trying to get her kids to bed before/during fireworks

Happy Canada Day!

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Amai said...

Day 1 complete. Day two... pending?