Wednesday, July 08, 2015

July Daily Writing Warm-Up #6

What Happened Next?
Time: 10 min

A group of five people are planning a camping trip. The car is all packed when someone realizes they forgot to buy ice. As they are driving looking for a convent store that sells ice their car begins to float. Spend ten minutes writing what happened next.

For full details or to sign-up for the challenge visit the introduction post July Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.


Amai said...

Ooh. A new category. Very exciting. I kinda messed up the first time with this one, because I started with a prose version of the paragraph rather than what happened next, but I had fun, and now I know for next time.

Elizabeth said...

I hope you like the new type, there will be another new type tomorrow and on Friday.
Changing the prompt yesterday was good, making the wording fit it definitely allowed.