Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July Daily Writing Warm-Up #10

Time: 10 min

Yesterday I was at a BBQ for my writing. The host's backyard garden was beautiful with flower sections, a pond in the middle, a shed made out of wood and pieces rescued from a 200 year old barn. There were chairs to sit and places to walk. I wanted to stay there forever.

It got me thinking about how critical beauty and restful places can be to a story. Which has intern inspired today's description prompt. Take 10 minutes to describe a garden. It could be an oasis from the urban jungle, a cozy cottage backyard, a tranquil Asian setting, or even a playful fairy garden. Have fun!

Thank you for checking out the daily writing prompt. For more information about the day challenge visit the introduction post July Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.


Amai said...

At first I wasn't quite sure how to go with this one, but then you listed fairy garden, and I ended up spending twice as much time I was supposed to, because I was having fun. I went to the Tangled Garden recently, so I had plenty of good garden inspiration to draw from.

Elizabeth said...

Great! Ive wanted to visit there. Maybe it will be one of my summer adventures.