Friday, July 10, 2015

July Daily Writing Warm-Up #8

Happy Friday, I hope you have enjoyed the second week of prompts. There will be another prompt on Monday at 6am. Till then enjoy the weekend or use Saturday and Sunday to catch up on days you've missed. For full details or to sign-up for the challenge visit the introduction post July Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.

Once Upon A Time
Time: 10 to 20 min

Today's prompt is using cards from Once Upon A Time, a storytelling game, to write a short fairy-tale. I will give you seven  cards to use. The first five are "once upon a time" cards and must be included as you weave your tale. The last two are "happily ever after" cards that will be the last line of you story; choose the one that works the best. Spend at least ten minutes working on your fairy-tale.

Once Upon A Time:
  • Secret
  • Key
  • Someone is hurt
  • Lost
  • Cave
Happily Ever After
  • And so the witch perished in her own cauldron.
  • Her courage had made her rich.

1 comment:

Amai said...

Okay, that was fun.

"The woman screamed, and the walls wailed, and Ella, Princess of Mercy, stood still. And so the witch perished in her own cauldron."

One of my better endings, if I do say so myself :)