Friday, July 03, 2015

July Daily Writing Warm-Up #3

Five Words
Time: 10 min

Write a scene that uses all five of these words:
  • City
  • Taxi
  • Old book
  • Cherry tree
  • Red balloon
Happy Friday, I hope you have enjoyed today's prompt. This wraps up the first week of the July Writing Warm-Up. There will be another prompt on Monday at 6am. Till then enjoy the weekend or use Saturday and Sunday to catch up on days you've missed. For full details or to sign-up for the challenge visit the introduction post July Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.

1 comment:

Amai said...

Luftballons! Don't mind if I do...

I might catch up on the weekend on some of the ones last month that I missed. They looked fun. We'll see how that goes, anyway.