Friday, July 01, 2016

Canada Day 2016

This was my first Canada Day with my sister. It was awesome. I am really enjoying being able to make memories with my family. It is the best part of being home and one of the reasons I am glad I live in Canada.

The day started with a phone call of good news. Followed by many phone calls to share the good news (blog sharing of the news must wait till Sunday)

Then sister and I went to the village park for the festivities. There was local music, BBQs, face painting, a local society showing the ways of nights, a kid zone, and some craft vendors. I met a knitter who likes to geek! We've exchanged contact information and so new friend!

Mom joined us a little later and I convinced everyone face painting needed to happen because it needed to be a thing.

After lunch we went into the town to wait for the parade. There was a moment we weren't sure it was going to happen due to rain. Thankfully the organizers pushed it back thirty minutes and everyone remained mostly dry. The best part of the parade was the baby cow.

After a family BBQ and a two rounds of Pandemic we went to the fireworks. It was the bestest of days.

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