Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Vegan Adventure #6: Vegan Vs Travel

A week ago I took five girls from my youth group to Kingdom Bound, a three day music festival at Darien Lake (an amusement park). Before leaving a friend who had been at Kingdom Bound before told me I probably wouldn't be able to stay vegan in the park. He was right, there was nothing I could really eat. Even a vegetarian would have struggled.

Driving there, our first stop was McDonald's, I ordered a salad without chicken. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy, she wasn't wrong. I got my sad looking salad to the table and realized I forgot to ask for no cheese. I ate the salad anyways. Things did not bode well for the challenge. I knew the trip would be the hardest days of the 40 day vegan challenge.

The saving grace was that this year our group was staying in a cabin with a kitchen.  I was able to cook my own meals. Most days I ate what I would have at home. We had a limited pantry so there was a few more slips. We had soft tacos one night. I knew the wraps probably had eggs...I didn't read the label. We made just add water to a no name pancake mix. Again, I didn't read the label. I expect there was egg and/or milk. Also, we only had butter for cooking, I avoided frying anything till the last night. Still I cooked with butter once.

From the park I had deep fried mushrooms and deep fried oreos. I didn't ask if there was egg in the batter, I would rather not know.  The last night I had a dream, one of those dreams that feels super real, in it we were in our cabin and I ate KFC. I woke feeling super guilty. And that was the trip. It went better than I had expected. I was able to stay completely vegetarian and only missed the vegan mark a few times. My only guilt was from something that didn't happen.

Only three days left of the challenge.

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